Reconstruction of printed circuit boards manufacturing facilities

It is an open secret that the major objective of engineering is development of enterprise production activities. Intensity of development and operational effectiveness are closely related to quality of this service. Nevertheless engineering is effective only in one case, provided all works are executed by skilled specialists: engineers, process engineers, designers. Obviously, all this requires certain background, breadth of vision and knowledge, what our company is justifiably proud of. This is precisely why partners of our company are recognized authorities in their field.

Certainly, manufacturing processes of numerous production companies have much in common, but ELMA St. Petersburg Center has been placing stake on the individual approach for over 20 years of handling engineering projects.

Namely engineering enables our company to become most profitable. Exceptional effectiveness of problems solution is stipulated by the fact that our employees are capable of working at the junction of marketing, manufacture and quality control.

Thus, reconstruction of production using engineering services of ELMA St. Petersburg Center will ensure:

  • manufacture of all types of printed circuit boards (single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered, flexible and flexible-rigid boards);
  • achievement of production level meeting requirements of worldwide standards in quality, complexity, accuracy, high-technologies, surface assembly and certification;
  • training of personnel in comprehension of manufacturing processes, high-quality fault-free work, reliable equipment maintenance, step-by-step and final product quality control;
  • minimal manufacture cost of products, competitive price on the European and world markets;
  • shortening of manufacture terms through the application of new breakthroughs in the field of production engineering and preproduction.

Specialists of our company are ready to carry out for you the following:

  • technical appraisal of the existing preproduction and production engineering site of printed circuit board manufacture;
  • analysis of manufacturing processes used in order to provide targeted production capacity, quality and product manufacture cost;
  • analysis of the equipment used in order to implement manufacturing process and obtain set characteristics of products issued;
  • analytical report on the state of production, its organization, technologies, equipment, raw stores and materials;
  • draw up technical assignment for reconstruction. Give recommendations as to the use of new technologies;
  • calculate production capacity and select up-to-date equipment;
  • develop planning concept of process equipment layout in order to minimize loss of time for storage-retrieval operations on the basis of the existing production sites;
  • calculate equipment power consumption and cost;
  • implement comprehensive shop tooling and instrumentation.


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